Mara works for the International Emergency Services of the Salvation Army. This department, which is based in London, provides support, training and resources to respond to the needs of those affected by emergencies around the world.

Kiva is an organization that makes it possible for people to improve their conditions by means of microloans. We think the Kiva website provides a fun way of choosing someone and helping them with a loan from as little as $25. The microcredit programmes are always implemented through local NGOs.

Amnesty International works to end grave abuses of human rights around the world. We have participated in some of their campaigns through letter writing and the like.

We are very aware that our frequent flying leaves us with a large carbon footprint and so we at least want to offset some of it. Tree Aid helps villagers living in the drylands of Africa use tree planting to reduce poverty and protect the environment.

Kirche Rettet (The Church Saves) is a joint initiative of rescue operations Sea Watch and Sea Eye to show the engagement and support of churches in Germany. We believe that every person has the right to seek asylum and that Europe and the churches in particular can set an example in the fight against the loss of human lives at sea.


We have discovered a few podcasts for people like us… pilgrims somewhere on the journey of faith. We find the discussions and interviews on these podcasts inspiring, challenging and to some extend even a relief that there are others out there who dare to question the supposedly simple truths.

The Liturgists: “We create art and experiences for the spiritually homeless and frustrated. The Liturgists has grown into a global community for people who are interested in Christ, but often feel marginalized by Christianity …  the four pillars of thoughtfulness, creativity, hopefulness and evocativeness shall guide us as we create liturgical art and space.”

Nomad Podcast: “Nomad Podcast is a chance to explore Christian community, mission and the future of the church. Join two ordinary pilgrims as they stumble through the post-Christendom wilderness, looking for signs of hope.”

Robcast: A weekly podcast by Rob Bell.

Hossa Talk: “Ein wöchentlicher Podcast … der sich inhaltlich um die Frage dreht, wie sich Christsein in einer komplexen, widersprüchlichen und manchmal chaotischen Welt leben lässt.”