Mara in Myanmar


My office stretches to the far corners of the world and occasionally it is in central London. I am passionate about people’s right to life with dignity and therefore about my job as a disaster relief worker with the Salvation Army International Emergency Services. I love seeing new places and meeting new people.

I share a nice little terraced house in London with my ‘Gefährte’ Raf (sorry, no English word comes close to what the German word means but for the sake of finding a translation let’s use ‘partner’) who is sharing life’s journey with me, and with Rebsi, who makes me laugh, drags me to Zumba classes and combines the best attributes of a flatmate, sister and friend. Our forth flatmate is Ieva, a friend who is originally from Lithuania. She inspires us to eat less meat, produce less rubbish and look after the earth.

I collect friends, memories, air miles and country points but don’t care much for bric-a-brac or other ‘white elephants’. I’m at peace but always growing in and with my faith in a God who loves us humans.



I have lived in a number of different countries and may call myself a third culture kid, i.e. somebody who has grown up negotiating their way between the cultures of their parents and those of the places they lived in. ‘Home’ is where I feel respected and loved.

After studying I got into teaching English as a foreign language more by chance than by design. I thought it would give me flexibility in terms of where I could work and live and so far this has proved to be right.

I quite like thinking and talking about God, religion and the meaning of life. Much of the time this leaves me with more questions than answers but somehow I often find myself making sense of things by thinking about what Jesus said and how he lived. For me, his story represents what being human is about.

I try to appreciate the simple things in life. I enjoy it when I find the time to go for a walk or hang out with people I like (e.g. Mara). I get a little too excited when the Dutch win a football game (‘too’ excited because the amount of money and attention already given to players). I also think it’s good to stay informed about what’s happening in the world, and can’t stop hoping that peace, fairness and stuff like that win.