nativity set from Peru
Hemel Hempstead

Another Christmas and New Year’s stuck in the UK

Our bags were pretty much packed and we were ready to go on a jet plane to Germany for our first trip abroad for almost two years. And then everything changed again. The omicron variant took off in England, travel regulations changed, and it became clear that we’d need to stay at home once more. So, we actually managed to stay in South East England for the whole of 2021! Of course this is really no tragedy. We tried to make the most of the situation with lots of Christmas decorations around the house, among other things. The weather has also been very mild for this time of year, so we’ve been able to go for walks with family in different outdoor spots in addition to connecting with people through video calls etc. But we’re ready for 2022. With a bit of luck we’ll maybe even be able to travel further than 100 kilometres and encounter more friends and family in 3D than we did in 2021.


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