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Moving is hard work. Eight trips by minivan, three trips with brother-in-law Matthew’s car and ten trips with our small car later and we have managed to move most of our belongings from Finchley to Apsley. There was some painting to do as well as ripping off wallpapers, some weeding, some putting furniture apart and back together and a lot of carrying of boxes, tables, chairs, beds, cupboards… some of them we didn’t even get down the staircase.

Rebsi is in Papua New Guinea at the moment on a Covid-19 deployment but fortunately we have got big and wonderful families including some nephews that have turned into strong teenagers. Thanks to the fantastic help we managed the many tasks of the move and slowly things are taking shape and the new house looks like a home. We will show some photos of the end product soon, but for now enjoy the ones of the hard work. :-)

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  1. It must been a hard work. I wish I was there to help as I am a very strong person ? Glad to see you love your new home. Best wishes!

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