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Goodbyes and welcomes

It’s the time of farewells. Mara is saying goodbye to her boss Alison, who she has known since her first deployment in Pakistan in 2006. In addition to Alison, Birgitte, the head of the department under which Mara’s section of the International Emergency Section falls is also retiring.¬†We are also saying goodbye to the house in Finchley we have lived for the last 5 1/2 years and to some of the people we know from the area. In a strange way it feels like the end of a rich, memorable and wonderful era.

But there are welcomes, too, and potential that comes with the beginning if a new season in life. Mara has gained 2 new colleagues, Leo from Indonesia and Matthew from the US. And we welcome the new life in Apsley where the whole household (including sister Rebsi and current house mate Ieva) are moving to. Details about this will be part of the upcoming blog entries.

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