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A hundred million, a hundred thousand….

It is the 27th of January and the cases of Covid-19 globally has officially crossed the 100 million mark. What a tragic milestone. 2.1 million people have died of Covid-19.┬áIn the UK we crossed 100,000 deaths yesterday. Another tragic milestone. The numbers are huge and hard to comprehend and there seems to be no end in sight. With such huge numbers it’s hard to not loose hope. Reading the daily case and death numbers can get draining. Some days do feel like a bit of a schlepp and it’s hard to generate enough energy for yet another virtual meeting. And we learn to accept that we can’t always be productive and that it is okay to have those non-productive days, too.

But we continue to do what we can… We wear our face masks, we wash our hands, we stay away from people, we don’t leave the house except to go for a run, the occasional shopping (to be honest, we order most of our food online anyway) or to deliver some stuff to some vulnerable neighbours. And once we are eligible for a vaccine we will get one because it will keep us and others safe.

Mara’s team at the Salvation Army designed some new Covid-19 prevention posters that include vaccine promotion. It is quite exciting because they now exist in a number of languages. Below are a few beautiful examples (find some more here).

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