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Advent season in the midst of Covid-19

The Advent and Christmas season has started but in 2020 this will look very different. In London we still find ourselves in a lockdown and even when it probably ends in a few days there will still be restrictions, which means that we won’t be able to meet people indoors during this advent season. We won’t be able to go to a Christmas market. There will be no Christmas party at work. And we won’t get to travel abroad for Christmas. With the days being shorter and colder, some of the limitations have undoubtedly become harder. It is more difficult to meet up with people outside and we miss the freedom and experience of (international) travel and other excitements.

With some of these inconveniences in our lives we sometimes tend to forget that this global crisis is far from over. Statistics show that there are now more than 63 Million global Covid-19 cases and almost 1.5 million deaths. In light of all the families who have lost a loved one or their ability to provide for their families, in light of all the people who have to deal with loneliness, anxiety or other mental health issues, in light of the children in the world who missed out on education and the refugees who are stuck at borders that are now closed due to Covid-19, we are doing alright even with the restrictions we face. We might be pretty much stuck in the house for most of the time, but our house is warm, spacious enough and filled with people we like.

It is advent now and despite the fact that it will look different in the year of the coronavirus we got the Christmas decorations out, we have started to have some Gluhwein with the housemates and we will continue to connect with people virtually or in a park, when that’s allowed again.

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