day outing with Maggie and family in Norwich

Lockdown easing but no end in sight of Covid-19

Looking back at previous entries we saw that on 29th of March we wrote that there are “665,000 confirmed cases globally, with 17,312 here in the UK”. A couple of months later, on the 17th May we posted: ”¬†As of today there are more than 4.6 million infections confirmed in at least 188 countries and territories, including at least 312,000 deaths.” Another couple of months later we then wrote: “It is early July and Covid-19 is still a reality in our lives and the world with nearly 12.7 million confirmed cases and more than 565,000 deaths globally.” Case and death numbers that once seemed incredibly high now seem ridiculously small compared to the new reality. Today’s numbers, another 2 months later, of more than 30 million infections global cases and 957,000 global deaths would have sounded terrifying when writing the previous posts but will probably sound low again in November.

In the last 2 months lockdown rules got eased a bit and we managed to catch up with some friends and family over flying kites, blowing bubbles, watching football, going kayaking, doing puzzles (a new discovery since lockdown) eating nice meals at home and even going out for meals a couple of times and other fun events. We still look after some elderly neighbours who are shielding and bring them food or medication. Raf is physically back at university most days now, teaching and testing while wearing a mask. Mara has only been once (taking the normally extremely busy Northern Line which was surprisingly empty) but is otherwise still working from home. We even went for a drive-through Covid test when Mara developed a bit of fever (all good, the results came back negative) so we can say we did that as well.

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