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Covid-19 Frontline Heroes – Salvation Army pics from 100 countries, A to C

Covid-19 is a global crisis with 188 countries and overseas territories affected, more than 16.7 million confirmed cases and more than 660,000 deaths.

Whilst I have been working from home with no travels to the office let alone around the world, my work remains global and I have been involved in supporting the Salvation Army’s global Covid-19 response. To give you a small glimpse I am sharing with you one each from 100 countries.

The quality of the pictures may vary but in this first post it shows Salvation Army staff and volunteers carrying boxes in Argentina or Bahrain, providing hygiene materials in Burkina Faso or Congo Brazzaville, preparing and serving food for homeless people in Austria or Costa Rica and bringing essential items to people who can’t leave their houses in Barbados or Chile.

Thank you, Covid-19 frontline heroes for your service to humanity.

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